Week 7 is here so that means only One. More. Week. to finish up our Laundry Room makeover!

This week was all about painting our ugly tile floors. This is not my first rodeo painting floors and if done right, it can be a game changer and a temporary solution. Removing tile is very labor intensive and expensive so this is the budget friendly version. I did a checkerboard this time but have also stenciled out entry way so that is another option. I love the stencils from @cuttingedgestencils.

Here is the tutorial I use for Painting Tile or Vinyl Flooring

  1. Scrub your flooring with a grime and dirt cleaner. Once dry, go over again with just water to rinse any cleaning residue. Let dry
  2. Paint the floor with Primer using a roller for smooth surfaces. Once dry, paint another coat of primer, making sure you pick up any lint, dust or hair that you see along the way. We have a dog and a cat so pet hair is a constant around here!
  3. For the checkerboard pattern, I painted my base coat color. To get the best results, I highly recommend a Porch & Flooring paint. It’s going to wear better and stand up to traffic.
Meet Raider. He is a micro manager!
Two coats of primer…done
I used this Floor paint from Home Depot
Base Coat. I mixed two colors to get the right beige that matched the mural.

4. To create the checkerboard I used BM Simply White as the second color. This tile is 16″ squares so it was easy to alternate every other square with the white paint using a foam brush to do the edges and filling in with a small smooth texture roller. Using a garden foam mat as you’re painting is a lifesaver on your knees!

I let this dry for 24 hours to make sure it dried completely before sealing.

5. Use a matte, polyurethane, water based sealer for the final step. This is where you really want to make sure you don’t have any little lint, hair or whatever on the floor. You don’t want it sealed in there. Using a clean roller for smooth textures, apply the sealer. It calls for at least two coats but depending on the traffic the space is going to get, I would do more. It dries in an hour and you can keep going in and re-applying.

Checkerboard happening!
Baseboards have been painted BM Simply White
Sealer Applied…now we wait 24 hours for it to dry

So much better…and I love it!

Week 8 and the Laundry Room reveal…up next.

Check out the other One Room Challenge participants here. Can’t wait to see all the Reveals next week…it’s gonna be so good.

ORC Week 7 – Yes, You Can Paint Tile Floors

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