It’s Week 3 and TBH it’s really not that exciting. Unless of course, you like watching paint dry. If you’ve been around here at all, you know that a lot of painting happens in this house. This laundry room makeover is starting with paint.

Let’s see where I started from for this Laundry Room Makeover…I don’t think I’ve shown the Before pictures yet.

Pantry Over flow and Storage


It can only get better right?

For Week 3 of the One Room Challenge, everything had been removed and I put items on FB Marketplace and took some to donate. The existing rack was moved to the garage and will become storage for Yard and Gardening supplies.

Then the priming and painting began…

This is Raider…supervising
Primer over the ugly color we inherited

I painted the walls BM White Dove…one of my favorite white paints. The wall adjacent to the cabinet is where the mural is going.

Next up:

  1. Prep Upper Cabinet
  2. Prime and Paint Cabinet
  3. Attach New Hardware
  4. IKEA trip for new cabinets
  5. Mural Installation
  6. Research Light Fixture to replace florescent fixture
  7. Shelf Above Washer/Dryer
  8. Build Open Storage between Washer/Dryer

Stay tuned for Week 4 and in the meantime, head over to check out the progress and transformations of the other very talented participants here.

ORC Week 3 – Paint Fixes Everything


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