Week 2 of the Spring 2022 One Room Challenge is here so let’s go over the plan Ok?

But before I do that I want to take a few minutes to explain a little about the One Room Challenge. It’s not a competition. It is Interior Designers, DIYers, Bloggers and various Creatives who take on a room to be completed in eight weeks. The One Room Challenge is celebrating a big anniversary. 10 years of long days, late nights, beautiful friendships and room transformations. This year, each week on Wednesday we post the progress or sometimes lack of progress in our chosen spaces . It is my 4th time to participate and I have completed a Guest Room, my Office and a Hall Bathroom.

So…back to the “kind of” plan for our Laundry Room.

It started with falling in love with the murals I found via @Society6. I narrowed it down to four and put it to a vote in my Instagram Stories and the winner was this beautiful mural. It is an 8’x8′ peel and stick wallpaper and it was seriously hard to pick one of the many beautiful options. I know, you may be thinking it’s a little overkill to put a mural in a Laundry Room but anything that makes that chore a little more joyful…well I’m all for it.

It’s supposed to arrive this Friday and I want to see the colors in person before I make paint and other decisions but here are some of the other things I’m thinking about…

There is a 30″ deep niche behind the door that we currently have a metal shelf for all kinds of things from over flow pantry items to cleaning products. I would like to do something that looks more permanent and built-in.

I definitely want to do a slatted wall, inspired by this Laundry Room barn door pic below by www.houseonlongwoodlane.com

We can’t do a barn door because the cat needs to get in here to do his business!

Here is my current To Do List:

  1. Paint Room
  2. Prime/Paint Existing Cabinet
  3. Possibly Paint Floor
  4. Narrow Pullout Cabinet between Washer/Dryer
  5. Niche Cabinet/Built-In
  6. Slat Wall Build/Install
  7. Lighting (would love to lose the florescent light)
  8. Covered Litterbox
  9. The Pretty Stuff

I don’t think I’ve ever had this much of a just “wing it” plan so here we go! I would love for you to follow along on IG @michelebydesign.

You can also follow the other Featured Designers and Guest Participants on their journey here.

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ORC Week 2 – The Plan…Kind Of


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